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Setting Up Stripe

Getting your store setup with Stripe is required to receive payment for your sales. Quick, secure and easy!

Apply to Become a Seller

To become a seller/vendor on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there are two requirements that must be met. Read on for seller and product eligibility.

Setup Wizard

Our quick Setup Wizard will guide you through some basic settings to get your shop prepared for sales.

Getting Prepared

Applied and approved and ready to go! Read on for suggestions in getting shop and product ready.

Application Complete

If you have met the requirements to become a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there is a short provisionary period while your application is reviewed. This process should take no longer than a few hours but can take up to 24.

During this process, we try to validate that you meet the seller and product requirements. If we are unable to do so, we may ask you for additional information to ensure that we maintain the integrity of the sellers and products that this website represents.

If for some reason, your application is denied you will receive notification via email. We are open to requests for reconsideration if you feel that we made an error.

Related Questions

We do our best to validate seller and product requirements. But if we make a mistake, please let us know. We are open to requests for reconsideration, just contact us.

There are two requirements to become a seller on this website:

  1. You must be a resident in the state of Hawaii
  2. Your products must be made locally. Sellers may alter ready-made physical or digital goods with their own designs but production should not be outsourced or mass produced, with exception to the use of printing services for items like: art prints, stickers, stationery goods, etc. or supplies that can be used for creating handcrafted goods. Supplies do not need to be handmade, but must ship from Hawaii. Drop shipping is prohibited.

For more information, please see this article: Apply to Become a Seller

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