Handmade in Hawaii

We celebrate the innovative and creative force that drives Hawaiiʻs entreprenuers to create successful and sustainable businesses. This website was created to serve Hawaiiʻs unique handmade marketplace. The products you find here are made with aloha from local vendors in the islands and shared with the world. 

How it Works


Shop and support local makers and entrepreneurs that live, work and play in your community. Buying local keeps revenue in Hawaii and helps small businesses to succeed.


Setup your online store and build your brand. Shop Handmade Hawaii gives you the tools for success with affordable monthly plans and dedicated seller support.


Support local entrepreneurs and partner with a marketplace that encourages community invovlement by offering donation opportunities to buyers and sellers.

Simple Pricing

** Monthly plan fees are currently being waived! ** Just pay transaction + processing fees when you make a sale.


55 Product Listings per month
3% Transaction Fee


125 Product Listings per month
3% Transaction Fee


350 Product Listings per month
3% Transaction Fee


1000 Product Listings per month
3% Transaction Fee

We have designed our monthly plans to be as simple and affordable as possible. With transparent fees, you can focus on what matters most to you. We do not impose any additional fees, ever. Please note that our transaction fee does not include processing fees that are imposed by third-party processors such as Stripe & Paypal: 2.9% + $0.30.

All plan benefits also include:

Fee Comparison

Handmade multi-vendor marketplaces have been gaining popularity in the recent years. Platforms like these allow entrepreneurs to get their creations out into the world and build their brands that fuel their passion. This is a quick overview to outline how we compare.

Shop Handmade Hawaii

Fee Summary

  • Low monthly fee ($3-$10)
  • Listing fees inclusive with monthly plan
  • No “multiples” or renewal fees upon sales
  • No shipping transaction fee
  • Fixed 3% transaction fee

Processing Fee listed in our summary example is imposed by Stripe or Paypal. Additional fees to consider: currency fees.

Example using our basic plan:
Product Cost: $5.00
Shipping Cost: $1.00
Total: $6.00
Listing Fee(based on plan breakdown): $0.06
Transaction Fee on Product: $0.15
Processing Fee on Total: $0.47

Your Net Revenue: $5.38


Our Average Net Revenue: 89.10%
Etsy Average Net Revenue: 84.5%
Amazon Handmade Net Revenue: 83.4%
  • No monthly fee
  • $0.20 per listing fee
  • 5% transaction fee
  • 5% shipping transaction fee
  • 3% + $.025 payment processing fee

Additional optional fees to consider: currency fees, advertising fees, in-person selling fees, subscription fees, mulitple fees, listing renewal fees, fees imposed by Paypal.

Example :
Product Cost: $5.00
Shipping Cost: $1.00
Total: $6.00
Listing Fee : $0.20
Transaction Fee on Total: $0.25
Shipping Fee on $1.00 : $0.05
Processing Fee on Total: $0.43

Your Net Revenue: $5.07


Fees current as of: May 2020

  • No monthly fee
  • 15% referral fee on price + shipping or a minimum of $1 per sale; whichever is greater.
Additional optional fees to consider: advertising fees.

Product Cost: $5.00
Shipping Cost: $1.00
Total: $6.00
Referral Fee (15% on product + shipping): $0.90
Referral Fee: $1.00 (minimum)

Your Net Revenue: $5.00


Fees current as of: May 2020


Sellers may sell handmade goods, altered ready-made goods with their own designs that are not outsourced or mass produced(with exception to the use of printing services for items like: art prints, stickers, stationery goods, etc), and supplies that can be used to create handcrafted goods. Drop shipping is prohibited.

Sellers that reside in Hawaii are invited to join this marketplace.

It’s easy. If you meet our seller requirements you can apply for a shop. Our seller requirements are as follows:

  1. Sellers must reside in Hawaii
  2. Sellers must produce the items they sell

As a seller you would subscribe to a low cost($3-$10) monthly plan. All plans enjoy a fixed 3% transaction fee but vary in product listing limits.

The transaction fee is calculated ONLY on the items you sell. We do not impose fees on sales tax or shipping fees. Sales tax and shipping fees are passed on directly to you.

However, Paypal and Stripe imposes a processing fee on the entire amount of the sale. You can avoid this fee by accepting payment by check or in-person cash sales with an agreement between you and your buyer.

Currency fees are incurred when you make an international sale. Current fees as of May 2020 for processors that we support are as follows:

Paypal 4.4% + $0.30
Stripe 3.4% + $0.30

When you setup your store you can connect to a Stripe or Paypal account for direct deposits for your sales.

A payment account needs to be setup to get paid for your sales.

If you have questions you can checkout our Seller Support articles or Contact Us!

Your Business. Your Customers.

When you make a sale, you have earned the trust of that customer and we celebrate your success! Many other marketplaces promote their brand to buyers, restrict buyer information from sellers and in some cases even prohibit contact outside of the sale. This makes it a bit challenging to keep your customers engaged beyond a one-time purchase and build customer loyalty.

We believe in standing behind our sellers. For every sale you make, you will have access to your customer's details for future marketing and promotion opportunities.

Are you ready?
Letʻs get started!

Still have questions?

Visit Seller Support for more articles that you may find helpful. If your question isn't answered in Seller Support, please feel free to contact us.
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Got questions?

Shop Handmade Hawaii is a marketplace that resonates with our LOCAL values. Far too many times locals turn to sites like Etsy or Amazon without knowing what’s available in their own backyards! Craft fairs and popups help – but between the drive, parking, crowds and lines, many of us turn to the convenience of online shopping. This is where you come in. Hawaii sellers, we need your help. Open up a shop today and get started!

If you have questions, just send us an email at: aloha@shophandmadehawaii.com or use our contact form. You can also reach out via Facebook and Instagram. We’re here to help! Mahalo nui loa.