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Store SEO

Set your store SEO so that buyers can find your store when doing a web search or learn more about what you offer on social media.


From your “Setting” page within your Seller Dashboard, you will be able to access more options related to your store and products.


Your store payment settings allows you to make sales and get paid! Not to be missed.


As a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you have access to your very own “ticketing” system to provide customer support.

Configuring Coupons

Coupons can be created to be privately shared with specific customers directly or with the public. Sometimes you may want to create a special coupon for your loyal customers or advertise a storewide offering for a holiday discount. The choice is yours and coupon creation and management is easy!

To configure a coupon, you will follow the following steps:

  1. From your Seller Dashboard, click on the “Coupons” menu
  2.    When you are within the Coupons menu, click on the “Add New Coupon” button. Then input the following details:
    1. COUPON TITLE: This is the code that your customers will use to gain the discount.
    2. DESCRIPTION: You can input a coupon description for your reference.
    3.    DISCOUNT TYPE: Determine how your discount will be generated:
      1. Percentage Discount: takes a percentage off of the products price.
      2. Fixed Cart Discount: takes a fixed amount off of the carts total for products from your store.
      3. Fixed Product Discount: takes a fixed amount off of products from your store.
    4. AMOUNT: Input your percentage of fixed discount amount.
    5. EMAIL RESTRICTIONS: You can limit this coupon to only those email addresses listed in this setting.
    6. USAGE LIMIT: Determines now many times this coupon can be used by each customer.
    7. EXPIRATION DATE: Set the date that this coupon will expire. Dates are based on Hawaii time.
    8. EXCLUDE SALE ITEMS: You can select this option if you do not wish the coupon to be applicable to sale priced items.
    9. MINIMUM AMOUNT: You can set this option if you want to require a minimum dollar amount to be spent before the coupon will be applicable.
    10. PRODUCT: You can limit this coupon to selected products if you choose to. NOTE: If you select “All Products” it will only apply to products currently active in your shop. If you add new products and you would like your coupon to be applicable, you will need to resave your coupon settings.
    11. EXCLUDE PRODUCT: You can exclude products that cannot be used with this coupon.
    12. SHOW ON STORE: If selected, your coupon will appear on your individual store.

Please note: when the “Show on Store” option is selected, your coupon may get additional exposure through other pages on Shop Handmade Hawaii or through our social media profiles. Below is an example of how your coupons will appear on your shop page.

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