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Deciding on the shipping carrier, class and rate is entirely up to you! Local pickup and deliveries are also an option.


From your “Setting” page within your Seller Dashboard, you will be able to access more options related to your store and products.

Processing Refunds

Process full or partial refunds to your customers directly from your Seller Dashboard.

Connecting to Shippo

Shippo provides discounted shipping rates and labels for all of your shipping needs. We have partnered with Shippo exclusively to conveniently provide our sellers with an option to purchase and print shipping labels directly from their dashboard.

It is free to use Shippo. You just need to sign up for an account, or connect your existing Shippo account to use their services seamlessly with Shop Handmade Hawaii.

A Note on Live Rates

You can still utilize the Live Rates option – provided by Shippo and print your own shipping labels from your preferred provider. Using the Live Rates option, does not tie you in to utilizing Shippo for your shipping needs.

Connecting to Shippo

When you have your first order, you will then be able to connect Shippo to your Shop Handmade Hawaii account following the steps below:

  1. View the order details for your received order
  2. “Create New Label” and then authorize Shop Handmade Hawaii to your Shippo account
  3. If you do not have a Shippo account, you can create one easily through this integration process.

Related Questions

If you utilize the Live Rates shipping, you can connect your own Shippo account to purchase and print your shipping labels. If you are using Table Rates, we like to suggest the use of USPS service for its affordability and dependability coupled with a free label printing partner offered by PirateShip.

Unfortunately, this is still a feature that we are developing. Currently, each product will be limited to one of the shipping methods that you configure: flat rate, free shipping, table rates or live rates.

If you don’t want to offer international shipping, then you would “Edit” your shipping table, and select “United States (US)” from the countries option.

If you only offer domestic shipping, any international customers(customers outside of the USA)  who attempt to make a purchase from your store will not be able to proceed with an order.

If you want to provide a shipping quote per order, you should clearly indicate this within your product description and store policies.

Setup a “free shipping” method so customers can complete their purchase, then you will need to work with them directly on collecting your shipping charges. Shipping fees that are collected after a sale can be collected with setting up a product in your store specific for customers to submit their payments – or worked out off-site with a direct payment to your Paypal account of via invoice by Stripe or another payment processor/method.

If you have configured a shipping method but would like to offer the option of free shipping – you can use COUPONS! Coupons can be restricted to specific customers if you choose to.

Offering free shipping to customers when a minimum amount is spent is a popular option. For now, we can accommodate these needs with the use of COUPONS! When setting up your coupon, you can set a minimum order amount to spend before the coupon will be valid. You can list your coupon offer in your store settings (shop bio or store notice), on your product description or share via email or social media.

Shippo works as a authorized partner for a variety of shipping couriers. By purchasing your shipping labels through Shippo, they are able to offer discounted shipping rates to you.

A shipping method needs to be set up so that you may purchase your shipping labels. Shop Handmade Hawaii provides an integration option so that you can purchase and print your labels from this website, but is not involved with the actual transaction. All shipping label purchases are processed directly by Shippo.

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