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To be an active seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you will need to subscribe to one of our affordable monthly plans.

Fees, Pricing & Taxes

Shop Handmade Hawaii uses a confusion-free fee schedule for our sellers.

  • Low fixed monthly rates ($5-$20)
  • Listing fees includes in the monthly rate
  • Month to month plans with no long term obligations
  • Transaction fee is based on the subtotal of the order
  • No fees towards shipping costs
  • No fees towards taxes
  • No limit on sales revenue

Please note that our transaction fee does not include processing fees that are applied by third-party vendors such as Stripe at 2.9% + 30¢, that you will be responsible for. By arranging for local pickup or payment by check, or an alternative payment method(i.e. Venmo, cash, etc.) you can avoid these third-party processing fees.

For more information on the processing fees from Stripe, please review their documentation: Stripe Fees

A special note on donations

Note: Currently under development. Shop Handmade Hawaii allows buyers to make a donation to our featured charity during the checkout process. With that being said, since Stripe charges their fees based on the total of the transaction you will incur a temporary fee on the donation amount. However, we will refund 2.9% or 3.50% of the donation amount to your account within 24-48 hours if the fee incurred for the donated amount on your order will be more than 1¢. The refunded fees will be determined based on the processor that was used to process your customer’s payment.

Current plans are as follows:


15 Products
$ 5 Month


45 Products
$ 10 Month


120 Products
$ 15 Month


250 Products
$ 20 Month


Shop Handmade Hawaii will automatically calculate your State of Hawaii GE tax upon checkout. The calculated amount will be sent directly to you for proper remittance and filing.

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The monthly fee covers the administrative costs to maintain and operate this website. There are many “behind the scenes” needs that keep the website running smoothly. Instead of charging ongoing and renewing listing fees and excessive transaction fees, a low monthly fee seemed to be the best fit for our marketplace.

At this time, all seller and products are on a level playing field. There is no fee or option to pay for premium placement or on-site advertisements.

We encourage you to share your store links and products on your social media profiles to bring in additional traffic for a successful store.

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