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Setup Wizard

Our quick Setup Wizard will guide you through some basic settings to get your shop prepared for sales.

Setting Up Stripe

Getting your store setup with Stripe is required to receive payment for your sales. Quick, secure and easy!

Apply to Become a Seller

To become a seller/vendor on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there are two requirements that must be met. Read on for seller and product eligibility.

Application Complete

If you have met the requirements to become a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there is a short waiting period while your application is reviewed.

Getting Prepared

We welcome you as a new seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii! We are excited for whatʻs to come.

This is an overview on some suggestions we have for you in getting your store up and running. Detailed guides can be found in the links provided below.

Get Store Ready!

  1. LOGO: It’s a good idea to have a logo that can be used on your shop page and social media profiles. This encourages brand recognition and professionalism. If you don’t have a logo, an image you like or a photo of yourself could be used as well. Recommended logo size is 150×150 pixels, minimum.
  2. BANNER: Your banner is an image that runs along the header of your shop. You can use your banner to showcase some of your products or compliment your brand or personality. If you do not include your banner image, a default banner will be displayed. Recommended banner size is 1200×300 pixels.
  3. SHOP BIO: Write up a shop bio that is engaging. Your shop bio is a great way to share a little about yourself, your craft and brand.
  4. POLICIES: Create store policies that are clear. Outline any shipping, returns, cancellation, refund and exchange information. Include disclaimers or any additional details you’d like to share with your customers about your shop and the products you offer. These details can be listed in the section titled “Shop Policies” within your store settings.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you have any special announcements to be made, details can be listed in the section titled “Shop Notice” within your store settings. This option is good for special circumstances(i.e. temporary delay in shipping, new product features, upcoming sales, etc.)

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Get Sales Ready!

  1. GETTING SETUP WITH STRIPE: If you don’t have an account setup with Stripe, it’s a good idea to get that done asap. Stripe offers a seamless payment option for being able to receive funds from your sales and easily process refunds if the need arises. Review our article on Setting Up Stripe for more details.

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Get Product Ready!

  1. PHOTOS: When selling online, your product photos are so important! Invest some time and take some great pictures to showcase your works!
  2. DESCRIPTIONS: Thorough descriptions can help to close a deal. If an interested buyer has all the info they need to make an informed purchase it’s easier to secure a sale. If a potential buyer needs to contact you for additional information, this leaves room for alternate considerations or a change of heart.
  3. PRODUCT DETAILS: Be sure to include measurements for your products, if relevant. You can also choose to manage inventory on-site, set up SEO and discounts as well. This is a good time to account for the weight of an item – especially, if you are using a shipping method that is calculated by the weight of a package.
  4. FEATURES: Features can be assigned to your products to easily highlight specific details like: one of a kind, same-day shipping, local pickup or delivery, free shipping, custom options or worldwide shipping. Assigning features to your products can give your products additional exposure on the website.
  5. ADD-ONS: Add-ons are additional “upsell” options for your products. Some ideas are: gift wrapping and rush services. You can set GLOBAL add-ons which would be applied to all products that you specify within a chosen category. Or you can assign add-ons to products on the fly. Add-ons can be assigned with or without a fee that would be added to the cost of the product.
  6. ATTRIBUTES: Attributes are used to differentiate options within your products. Unlike add-ons, attributes do not carry any associated fees. Some attributes could be: size, color and quantity. Instead of creating multiple products to account for variations, you can create a single product and use attributes instead (i.e. different sizes, colors, flavors, etc.). Besides the variations mentioned, you can also use attributes to obtain custom text or details for your product customization options (for example: custom engraving text). Pro tip: use the “location” attribute to set your location, this helps users search for products by island.

Related Questions

A store logo and banner is not required. However, it is highly suggested. If you don’t include a store banner or logo, the default images are used in its place.

An excellent FREE option is available to create a store logo and banner with Canva.

Policies protect YOU and your customers. With clear policies in place you can communicate your role as the seller. Strong policies leave little room for disputes and trouble with miscommunications and misunderstandings.

The only product details that are required to publish and item for sale is your product title, category and price.

These minimum requirements may not be enough to make a sale so we highly suggest that you include appealing photos, strong descriptions and supporting tags and features. If applicable, product add-ons and attributes can be added to easily manage your orders and create “upsell” options for your products.

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