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Store Ratings

Store ratings offer your customers a way to provide feedback on their order experience.

Product Ratings

Product ratings offer your customers a way to provide feedback on the products you sell.

Buyer Support

As a Seller you have access to a dedicated and organized support system for your customers.

Handling Buyer Disputes

Occasionally you may encounter an unhappy customer. These interactions can really make or break a relationship. When handled well, an unfortunate beginning can actually result in a repeat buyer.

When a customer contacts you with an order issue here are a few tips that we suggest to finding resolution:

  • Use the Support System: If a customer contacts you via phone or email, move communications onto the Support system from your Seller Dashboard. If Shop Handmade Hawaii needs to be consulted for a final determination decision, we use this as a reference point.
  • Be Courteous: You didn’t intentionally goof up on the order. The carrier didn’t want to deliver the package late. Things happen. Your customer may be upset, but don’t take it personally. Try to remain calm, courteous and understanding throughout your interactions.
  • Offer Resolution: Assess the problem and offer quick resolution. The longer a customer needs to wait for resolution, the less likely they are to trust you, especially if they need to make multiple attempts to contact you or follow up.
  • The Customer is Always Right. Right?: This is a long time mantra – but it’s not always true. Sometimes the customers are right, but if they are at fault for an assumption or misinterpretation, then resolution may not be necessary. In these cases, a goodwill discount or coupon can be a nice gesture.

Final Determination Decision

Sometimes resolution cannot be met. In these cases, Shop Handmade Hawaii can be called upon for a Final Determination decision. In these types of situations, the buyer and the seller would both present their “cases” and provide any supporting evidence (emails, communications, photos, etc.) for our review.

Once all of the documentation is received, we will review the details and provide a decision to the buyer and seller within fourteen(14) business days.

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If you have numerous issues with the same customer, you may decide to reject future orders to avoid reoccurrence.

To do this, once an order is received, it is suggested that you contact the buyer with your decision prior to cancelling the order.

As a seller you are held to the terms you accepted upon registration. If buyers report multiple issues with a seller, we may review the seller account to ensure that our terms are being adhered to. If a seller is in violation of our terms, they will be warned and advised to make adjustments accordingly. Continued violations may result in temporary or permanent restrictions.

We try to review all provided details in a dispute thoughtfully and ethically. But when we are consulted for a final determination decision, our decisions are final. The dispute is considered “resolved” and there is no option for an appeal.

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