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Deciding on the shipping carrier, class and rate is entirely up to you! Local pickup and deliveries are also an option.


As a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you have access to your very own “ticketing” system to provide customer support.


Announcements are notifications from Shop Handmade Hawaii. They will usually be announcements on upcoming news, changes or features for our sellers.

Social Profile

Adding social media profiles to your shop can increase brand authority and builds trust.

Seller Dashboard

Your Vendor Dashboard is your central station to managing your shop, products and orders.

Managing Customer Orders

As a Seller with Shop Handmade Hawaii all of your orders are managed through your Seller Dashboard.

Order Details

When an order is placed with a successful payment, it will appear under your “Orders” menu within your Seller Dashboard. You will have full access to your order details which include:

  • Customer details
    • Billing and shipping address
    • Phone number (if provided)
    • Email address
    • IP address
  • Order Summary

By default, a successful order is assigned as “Processing” unless it is a digital order, which will be marked as “Complete”. Within each order you can print your shipping labels, provide tracking information and assign order statuses as follows:

  • Assign tracking information: if you are selling a tangible item with a traceable shipping method, you can update the tracking info. Once this update is made, your customer will be notified.
  • Complete an order: this will mark the order as being finalized and closed. Once this update is made, your customer will be notified.
  • Refund an order (Refund): this is the status of an order that has been refunded and is usually automatically set when you process a refund.

Adding Order Notes

You can also add orders notes to each order for future reference. Order notes can be set to notify the customer of the note added or they can be marked as “Private” and the order note(s) will only be visible to the store owner. This is helpful if you’d like to keep track of special situations.

A Note on Refunds

When a payment is processed for an order, processor fees from Stripe are non-refundable, this is standard practice. Because the processor has provided a service to facilitate the transaction, their fees are due regardless of any partial or complete refunds processed thereafter.

Refunds are paid to your customers from your account.

With that being said, if you process a refund, Shop Handmade Hawaii will adjust our transaction fee(partial or full, depending on the refund terms) to be credited back to you within five(5) business days.

Related Questions

Yes! However, we do recommend that you give your customer the opportunity to “opt-in” to your communications as a common courtesy and follow acceptable standards.

Unfortunately, we donʻt offer the ability to block specific customers from making a purchase.

However, if a customer places an order and you do not wish to proceed, we do suggest contacting them before you refund/cancel the order.

Stripe offers their services as a payment processor. Once we utilize their service to process a payment for an order, their role in the transaction is complete. While there are no fees to process a refund, the fees from the original transaction aren’t returned.

If an order is returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason, the fault does not fall on the processor. 

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