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Off-Site Sales

Many marketplace models frown upon off-site sales. You may be familiar with the term: fee avoidance.

Basically, fee avoidance is the act of which you can find a way around paying marketplace fees. You may be surprised, but Shop Handmade Hawaii doesn’t have a fee avoidance policy.

We believe in the tools and the platform that we offer you will save you time and money in keeping your orders and customers manageable and organized. We believe in keeping our fees affordable so that you can thrive! And we believe in working with you as a partner and hope to continue to bring you value and features that you find useful.

That’s why we’ve thrown a big eye roll towards “fee avoidance” policies. If you want to advertise your products on Shop Handmade Hawaii but manage your payments and orders elsewhere, that’s completely your call. Just keep in mind, that any orders completed off-site is not eligible for support for features like: payment or refund support, final determination decisions in the case of a buyer/seller dispute, sales reports and history and order linked buyer support.

Above all, we hope to support the handmakers in Hawaii to find success in doing what they love while being fairly compensated and appreciated for their creative works.

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None at all. While we prefer that you use the platform, you are free to conduct your business as you see fit. As long as the products you are advertising on Shop Handmade Hawaii abide by our terms, your means of closing a sale and order management is your call.

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