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Store SEO

Set your store SEO so that buyers can find your store when doing a web search or learn more about what you offer on social media.

Social Profile

Adding social media profiles to your shop can increase brand authority and builds trust.


Deciding on the shipping carrier, class and rate is entirely up to you! Local pickup and deliveries are also an option.

Store Settings

Your store settings make up your storefront. This is what customers will see when they view your store page.


From your “Setting” page within your Seller Dashboard, you will be able to access more options related to your store and products.


Getting yourself set up to get paid is so important! Without doing this…you canʻt make as sale.

You can learn more about getting your payment option set up here:
Setting Up Stripe

Stripe may impose a short waiting period on the funds for new accounts, so itʻs recommended to register for new Stripe account right away, if applicable.

Payouts and Refunds

Once you set up Stripe all of your payments and refunds will be processed with as little effort as a “click”!

  • Payments for orders will hit your account immediately after a successful transaction (your deposit schedule will vary and is set within your Stripe settings)
  • Refunds are processed from within your Seller Dashboard. Alternatively, you can also process refunds from your Stripe account directly, and update the order details manually.
  • Your customer’s payment will be refunded from your funds. There are no fees for refunding a payment, but the fees associated with the original transaction are not refunded.

Related Questions

If the marketplace and our preferred processors have facilitated a sale, then our role in the transaction is complete.

If an order is returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason, the fault does not fall on the processor or the marketplace unless the fault can be reasoned under very specific circumstances.

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