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Announcements are notifications from Shop Handmade Hawaii. They will usually be announcements on upcoming news, changes or features for our sellers.

Configuring Coupons

A guide on creating coupons. Coupons are highly configurable and can be private, restricted, require a minimum spending amount and more.

Social Profile

Adding social media profiles to your shop can increase brand authority and builds trust.

Store Settings

Your store settings make up your storefront. This is what customers will see when they view your store page.

Processing Refunds

If the need arises, you can process customer refunds (full or partial) directly from your Seller’s Dashboard. The order must first be marked as “Complete” before the refund option will become available and the original payment method must have been collected via Stripe. Please be advised, that when a refund is processed, the payment processor fees will not be returned.

Processing Refunds

  1. Ensure that the status of your order is set to “Complete”
  2. Click on the “Request Refund” button within your order details
  3. Update the quantity, price and tax of the item you are refunded to get a calculated refund amount
  4. Submit Refund Request and confirm your action
  5. Refund is sent directly to your customer from your Stripe account

Related Questions

Yes! However, we do recommend that you give your customer the opportunity to “opt-in” to your communications as a common courtesy and follow acceptable standards.

Unfortunately, we donʻt offer the ability to block specific customers from making a purchase.

However, if a customer places an order and you do not wish to proceed, we do suggest contacting them before you refund/cancel the order.

Stripe offers their services as a payment processor. Once we utilize their service to process a payment for an order, their role in the transaction is complete. While there are no fees to process a refund, the fees from the original transaction aren’t returned.

If an order is returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason, the fault does not fall on the processor. 

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