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Seller Dashboard

Your Vendor Dashboard is your central station to managing your shop, products and orders.

Social Profile

Adding social media profiles to your shop can increase brand authority and builds trust.


To be an active seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you will need to subscribe to one of our affordable monthly plans.

Product Configuration

Once your products are created, you will need to input the fine details before your product will be live and ready for sales.

To edit your products you will follow these steps:

  1. From your Seller Dashboard, click on the “Products” menu
  2. When you are within the Products menu, you will be able to: Edit, Delete, Quick Edit, View or Duplicate a product.

On this view, you will also be able to see product specific details: type of product, views, sales, sku, date added, price, earning and status.

Editing Your Products

Once you select the product that you would like to edit, you will be presented with additional options/fields to configure:

  • TITLE: Title for your product
  • IMAGES: Images for your products, limited to 5.
      • SIMPLE: a product with no variations in price
        • DOWNLOADABLE: If checked, another product option will become available to add your downloadable file.
        • VIRTUAL: if checked, no shipping options will be offered at checkout.(Virtual and downloadable products are often checked together if you are selling downloadable content that will not be sent with a hardcopy.)
      • VARIABLE: a product with variations with priced options
  • PRICE: Price offered for this product
  • DISCOUNTED PRICE: Used if your product is on sale. A discounted price can also be scheduled for specific dates.
  • CATEGORY: Best category that fits your product. Each product is limited to three (3) relevant categories. (Example for a Gold Heart Shaped bracelet: Category, Jewelry) You can view the current categories available here: Category Directory
  • TAGS: Optional, Additional tags can help to gain product exposure – tags are similar to categories but more specific. (Example for a Gold Heart Shaped bracelet: Tags: gold tone jewelry, heart shaped jewelry, 14k plated jewelry, valentineʻs day gifts, motherʻs day gifts, birthday gifts) Each product is limited to ten (10) tags.
  • FEATURES: Add specific features if applicable: One of a Kind, Same Day Shipping, Worldwide Shipping, Free Shipping, Local Pickup or Delivery or Custom Options.
  • DESCRIPTION: An overview description of your product.
  • INVENTORY: Optional, can be used to keep track of inventory. If your stock depletes, buyers will not be able to purchase your products but it will still be visible and visitors can add your products to their wishlists.
  • DOWNLOADABLE OPTIONS: This option becomes available if the “Downloadable” option is selected for your product. You will upload your file, name your file, and set the download and expiration limit (-1 = unlimited). Once a customer makes a purchase, they will be able to access the downloadable content.
  • ADD-ONS: Optional, product add-ons can be used to upsell services offered (gift wrapping, rush service, etc), or to collect customization details (names/text for engraving). Add-ons can be assigned with or without a fee that would be added to the cost of the product.
  • FEATURED PRODUCT: You can select up for four(4) featured products. These products will appear with a lightning bolt icon throughout the site and on your shop page:
  •  SEO: You can set the product snippet that appears on internet searches and social media and specify a keyword for your listing. Don’t stuff your meta description(or your product description) with gimmicky catchphrases or titles. Keep this concise and accurate since search engines will only display a limited amount of characters.
  • SHIPPING: Optional, can be used to input weight/size of a product. This is useful if your shipping is calculated based on that data. By default, all products are charged Hawaiiʻs GE tax rate of 4.166%, but you can change this setting to be nontaxable or apply the tax rate on shipping only if your product prices are inclusive of your tax. Please keep in mind, that as a seller, you are required to remit GE tax to the State of Hawaii for the sales that you generate. Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor for advice.
  • ATTRIBUTE: Optional, used to offer different attributes for your product (color, size, fabric, finish, etc.). If you need to use attributes to identify varieties within your product, then your product type needs to be set to “Variable”. If using attributes to set your product location (see 3rd bullet point below, then your product can be set to either Simple or Variable).
    • To set attributes, you will first set your attribute type (size, color, finish, etc.)
    • Next, you would set your values for your attribute. As an example, if you set a size attribute, your values would be: small, medium, large. The values you set allow your customer to choose from a list of options on your product page.
    • You must set a price for your attributes/values. If this is not set, it won’t be made available on your product.
    • For increased visibility we suggest that you set your Location attribute. This will allow you to choose which island you reside on, this can be helpful if you would like to offer a local delivery or pickup option or reach buyers who are looking for options on island.
  • DISCOUNT OPTIONS: Optional, used if you want to run a special discount for this product for quantity purchases.
    • PRODUCT STATUS: Determines if your product with be “live” (online) or set to draft.
      • Visible: visible site wide
      • Hidden: hidden from the site, only accessible by direct link
  • PURCHASE NOTE: Optional, this can be used to include a special note on your customers order confirmation upon checkout.

Related Questions

A discounted price is basically a sale price that you can list on your item. When used, your product listing will display the regular price and the sale price so that buyers know how much they can save.

The schedule is used if you would like to run a sale on an item for specific dates. This is useful when you may want to run a promotional campaign or run a sale for a special weekend or holiday.

If you canʻt find a category to fit your needs, please contact us for a category consideration. Please note, that these requests are done on a case by case basis. Categories that are requested should be broad enough to allow for other relevant products to be useful.

Product tags are additional keywords that are relevant to your item. Using product tags help to get your items discovered by site visitors when they perform searches. Specific product tags are better. Itʻs best to “think like a buyer” when deciding on your product tags.

For example, if you are selling cork coasters here are some tags you could use: drinkware, housewarming gifts, entertaining gifts, football party, man cave, beer, bbq, game night, party favor

Tags like these may be used when someone does searches that your product could be related to. You can add up to ten(10) tags for each of your listings.

If your product status changes to “pending review” it means that it is being reviewed to ensure that it aligns with our product guidelines policy.

Once verified, the product will be placed online. If it does not meet our policy guidelines, we will contact you to make adjustments or delete the product from your store.

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