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Buyer Support

As a Seller you have access to a dedicated and organized support system for your customers.

Store Ratings

Store ratings offer your customers a way to provide feedback on their order experience.

Product Ratings

When someone makes a purchase from your store, they will become eligible to leave a product rating based on their experience. You customer will select a star rating based on 1-5 stars . 1 being a poor experience, 5 being the best. Customers will also be able to leave a comment with their star rating.

Your customers may leave a review for each completed sale. You may also leave a reply to a product review if you choose to. This can be used to offer a quick note of appreciation or share an explanation or resolution to a poor review.

These ratings are based on your products rather than your store. Honest store ratings help to improve trust and inform prospective buyers of the type of experience others have had.

To get consistent positive ratings, sellers should try their best to maintain these standards:

  • Provide clear product information and strive for accuracy
  • Follow the shipping, returns, exchanges and refunds policies
  • Respond to all customer inquiries in a timely manner

Related Questions

In most cases – no. However, if a customer left a poor rating, but an issue was resolved, they can contact us for a request to revise their feedback. These revision requests are done on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed.

If you feel that a customer left a false rating, please contact us and explain the situation. We may be able to make an adjustment. These requests are done on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed.

We invite your customers to leave feedback to rate their experience, some will, while other won’t. If your customers are not leaving feedback, you can always reach out to them to follow up and make a request as well.

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