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Off-Site Sales

Off-Site sales? Fee avoidance? Penalties? No problems here! You sell, we cheer.

Store Success Tips

Setting up a well presented storefront can engage your customers and express confidence and professionalism.

Product Success Tips

Besides getting your storefront set up, your products need a bit of attention to grab the attention of buyers.

When getting started, here are few things we suggest:

  • Use appealing images: Use clean product images free from background distractions, blurring, heavy editing or poor lighting. Your product images should closely represent the item that customers will receive.
  • Use descriptive but concise titles: Stay away from “stuffing” your titles. Keep your product titles clean. Even if what you’re offering could be a great housewarming gift – don’t include that in your title. Specific highlights are better utilized in your product tags. Good Title: Handpoured Organic Kona Coffee Soy Candle. Bad Title: Handpoured Organic Vegan Soy Natural Essential Oil Kona Coffee Scented Candle, Housewarming Gift, Coffee Lovers. The “Bad” title it known as “stuffing”.
  • Use accurate categories: Each product is limited to three categories. Only place your product in categories that are relevant. Let’s use the Handpoured Organic Kona Coffee Soy Candle in the previous example. This would probably do well if categorized into: Home & Living; Home & Living > Candles; Home & Living > Kitchen & Dining.
  • Use product tags: Product tags offer further exposure when used correctly. Each product is limited to a maximum of five product tags. Using the example of the Soy Candle previously mentioned, you could add tags like: housewarming gifts, coffee lovers, brunch, mother’s day or father’s day. If anyone does a search on our site for “housewarming gifts”, your product would be returned in the results because you’ve tagged it appropriately.
  • Use features: We currently offer the following features that you can add onto your product listings: free shipping, local delivery/pickup, one of a kind, same day shipping, worldwide shipping. When customers are browsing this site, they can use these features to narrow down their search results. For example, if you are on Kaua’i and offer local delivery/pickup options and a customer in Kaua’i needs something ASAP – they can filter products within Kaua’i, then further filter stores that offer local delivery/pickup services.
  • Write informative descriptions: Writing informative descriptions reduces the changes of a customer needing to contact you with any questions. Once a customer needs to reach out with questions, you risk losing the sale. Don’t use gimmicky catchphrases or titles. Keep your descriptions clear and accurate.
  • Set your policies: Like your product descriptions, your store policies are important for customers. Provide clear policies so that they can make a purchase with confidence.
  • Price smart: price your products right. Be sure you set your prices to make a profit without being too pricey to dissuade purchasers. Breakdown your production costs and see what competitors are charging to make sure you’re in the ball park.
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