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2-Tier Tahitian Shell Pearls Earrings| Ipu Style

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Materials: -Black Tahitian Shell Pearls

These shell pearls are man-made by crushing mother of pearls & other seashells into a very fine powder then, formed into a pearl-like bead..these shell pearls are meant to replicate the look of high-quality Black Tahitian pearls.

FULL LENGTH: 1 3/8 inches

DROP LENGTH: 15/16 inches

WIDTH: 3/8 inches

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2-Tier Tahitian Shell Pearls Earrings| Ipu Style
2-Tier Tahitian Shell Pearls Earrings| Ipu Style




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DISCLAIMER: All of our products are made by hand. Please respect that all of our jewelry strictly contain handmade elements and by nature, may feature slight imperfections, no 2 pairs are exactly alike, all are unique in a way. Most pieces include natural items (ie; Shell, Pearl, etc.) and may not be 100% symmetrical like factories producing unnatural beads. This allows each piece to be completely unique in its very own way adding a natural charm to it.

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