CALMING Ulu'Ulu Roll On Aromatherapy Perfume

♥ Item Description ♥

Ulu’Ulu means ‘CALMING’ in Hawaiian. Our CALMING Aromatherapy Roll-On was specifically formulated to help stay calm, relax, and chill. Roll on’s are convenient, easy to take with you, small, and discrete — and they smell great!

CALMING Blend includes:

Lavender: Calming and relaxing qualities, restful sleep
Lemon Balm: helps calm feelings of tension and nervousness
Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond Oil + Jojoba Oil

Roll On’s come with a hand-stamped muslin bag for easy carrying. Roll on’s make great gifts – so thoughtful and appreciated by friends/family, front line workers, teachers, and they make the perfect little Thank You Gift!  .33 ounce glass bottle

Application: Shake bottle, then gently roll into temples, and pulse points (like inside of wrists), and a dab rubbed in behind ears. Apply as often as needed!

Ready to Ship in: 1-2 days


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