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–This essential oil roll-on is for FOOD cravings – especially sweets and sugar.  Before you grab for the chocolate or donut, inhale a few times, say your affirmation or goal, and wait – you may not want that food after all!    Helps fight the urge and is a great little tool in your arsenal to help you maintain control.  Citrus is uplifting, energizing, and a fresh clean scent.  Comes with hand stamped gift bag.

–Contains pure essential oils of  Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, and Lemon

Why an inhaler?

– Nonaddictive, can use anytime

– Discrete and easy to carry

– Simple to use

– Low-cost holistic alternative 

Roll On’s come with a hand-stamped muslin bag for easy carrying. Roll on’s make great gifts – so thoughtful and appreciated by friends/family, front line workers, teachers, and they make the perfect little Thank You Gift!

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the alternative practice of using essential oils from flowers and plants to produce an emotional or physical response in the body.   Essential oils can affect the Olfactory and/or Limbic systems of the body.   When essential oils are inhaled, the oils (or combination of oils) stimulates the olfactory nerves.  There is lots of information online that explains how aromatherapy works.

Application: Shake bottle, then gently roll into temples, and pulse points (like inside of wrists), and a dab rubbed in behind ears. Apply as often as needed!

Made with Aloha in Hawaii

Ready to Ship in: 1-2 days


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