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Apply to Become a Seller

To become a seller/vendor on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there are two requirements that must be met. Read on for seller and product eligibility.

Application Complete

If you have met the requirements to become a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, there is a short waiting period while your application is reviewed.

Setup Wizard

Our quick Setup Wizard will guide you through some basic settings to get your shop prepared for sales.

Getting Prepared

Applied and approved and ready to go! Read on for suggestions in getting shop and product ready.

Setting Up Stripe

Getting your store setup with Stripe is required to receive payment for your sales. Quick, secure and easy!

Seller Dashboard

Your Vendor Dashboard is your central station to managing your shop, products and orders.


Announcements are notifications from Shop Handmade Hawaii. They will usually be announcements on upcoming news, changes or features for our sellers.

Product Configuration

Once you add your products, youʻll need to fine tune the settings to fit your needs. Read on for an overview of the process.

Processing Refunds

Process full or partial refunds to your customers directly from your Seller Dashboard.

Configuring Coupons

A guide on creating coupons. Coupons are highly configurable and can be private, restricted, require a minimum spending amount and more.


A brief explanation on your Store Followers.


To be an active seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you will need to subscribe to one of our affordable monthly plans.


As a seller on Shop Handmade Hawaii, you have access to your very own “ticketing” system to provide customer support.


From your “Setting” page within your Seller Dashboard, you will be able to access more options related to your store and products.

Store Settings

Your store settings make up your storefront. This is what customers will see when they view your store page.


Your store payment settings allows you to make sales and get paid! Not to be missed.


Deciding on the shipping carrier, class and rate is entirely up to you! Local pickup and deliveries are also an option.

Shipping Labels & Rates

We’ve partnered with Shippo so that you can easily purchase and print your shipping labels through your Dashboard.

Shipping Method Setup

Step-by-step guide to setting your shipping methods for your products. You choose the carrier and the rates.

Connecting to Shippo

Connect to Shippo to gain access to live rates and to purchase and print shipping labels.

Updating Order Tracking

If shipping an order with a tracking method, you should update the tracking info within the order for record-keeping.

Social Profile

Adding social media profiles to your shop can increase brand authority and builds trust.

Store SEO

Set your store SEO so that buyers can find your store when doing a web search or learn more about what you offer on social media.

Fees, Pricing & Taxes

Fixed low monthly rates and no hidden costs. Read on for more about our fees, pricing schedules and taxes.

Buyer Support

As a Seller you have access to a dedicated and organized support system for your customers.

Store Ratings

Store ratings offer your customers a way to provide feedback on their order experience.

Product Ratings

Product ratings offer your customers a way to provide feedback on the products you sell.

Store Success Tips

Setting up a well presented storefront can engage your customers and express confidence and professionalism.

Off-Site Sales

Off-Site sales? Fee avoidance? Penalties? No problems here! You sell, we cheer.

The purpose of this site is to promote and celebrate Hawaii’s handmade market. For this reason, only Sellers that reside in the state of Hawaii are eligible to participate. An invitation is extended to military families and college students with local roots that are currently residing outside of the state.

The purpose of the product guidelines is to encourage quality and trust. Since this site promotes handmade products from Hawaii, we want to ensure that the products sold indeed fit the bill.

We have the hope that our sellers will be fairly compensated for their creative works without being undersold by someone selling “Made in Hawaii” products that were actually produced elsewhere. Having these guidelines in place help us to maintain quality control to create a marketplace that you can trust.

We do our best to validate seller and product requirements. But if we make a mistake, please let us know. We are open to requests for reconsideration, just contact us.

There are two requirements to become a seller on this website.

  1. You must be a resident in the state of Hawaii
  2. Your products must be made and shipped locally. Sellers may alter ready-made goods with their own designs but production should not be outsourced or mass produced, with exception to the use of printing services for items like: art prints, stickers, stationery goods, etc. or supplies that can be used for creating handcrafted goods. Supplies do not need to be handmade, but must ship from Hawaii. Drop shipping is prohibited.

For more information, please see this post: Apply to Become a Seller

A store logo and banner is not required. However, it is highly suggested. If you don’t include a store banner or logo, the default images are used in it’s place.

Policies protect YOU and your customers. With clear policies in place you can communicate your role as the seller. Strong policies leave little room for disputes and trouble with miscommunications and misunderstandings.

The only product details that are required to publish and item for sale is your product title and category.

These minimum requirements may not be enough to make a sale so we highly suggest that you include good photos, descriptions and features. If applicable, product add-ons and attributes can be added to easily manage your orders.

Paypal and Stripe are both payment processor services. They act as the “middle man” in a transaction between a buyer and seller to ensure that sensitive details are kept secure.

Their fees are identical (as of May 2020), and most customers share a high satisfaction rating based on their experience and service. With that being said, we do give Stripe a bit more edge over Paypal. They offer 24/7 support and provide a very flexible platform so that you can setup your account to be used across different platforms (ie. marketplaces, websites, invoices, subscriptions).

You will notice that there is a progress bar in your Seller Dashboard that encourages you to complete certain areas of your store settings and/or profile. While itʻs not necessary to have a complete profile, it can help your store’s appeal to prospective buyers.

The pageview stats that you see on your Seller Dashboard are generated from the amount of product views that you gain.

A discounted price is basically a sale price that you can list on your item. When used, your product listing will display the regular price and the sale price so that buyers know how much they can save.

If you canʻt find a category to fit your needs, please contact us for a category consideration. Please note, that these requests are done on a case by case basis. Categories that are requested should be broad enough to allow for other relevant products to be useful.

Product tags are additional keywords that are relevant to your item. Using product tags help to get your items discovered by site visitors when they perform searches. Specific product tags are better. Itʻs best to “think like a buyer” when deciding on your product tags.

If your product status changes to “pending review” it means that it is being reviewed to ensure that it aligns with our product guidelines policy.

Once verified, the product will be placed online. If it does not meet our policy guidelines, we will contact you to make adjustments or delete the product from your to “think like a buyer” when deciding on your product tags.

Yes! However, we do recommend that you give your customer the opportunity to “opt-in” to your communications as a common courtesy and follow acceptable standards.

Unfortunately, we donʻt offer the ability to block specific customers from making a purchase.

However, if a customer places an order and you do not wish to proceed, we do suggest contacting them before you refund/cancel the order.

Stripe offers their services as a payment processor. Once we utilize their service to process a payment for an order, their role in the transaction is complete. While there are no fees to process a refund, the fees from the original transaction aren’t returned.

If an order is returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason, the fault does not fall on the processor. 

Nope! The support system is simply a tool for you to use to easily organize your customer inquiries and order issues for easy management.If you choose to use your own support system(email, phone, alternate option), you can turn off your “Get Support” button in your store.

Yes, you would use the “File Upload” add-on option to receive uploaded files from your customers.

The options that are selected with a product will be sent to you via email on your order notification and will also be available in your Seller Dashboard within the order details.

If the marketplace and our preferred processor has facilitated a sale, then our role in the transaction is complete.

If an order is returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason, the fault does not fall on the processor or the marketplace unless the fault can be reasoned under very specific circumstances.

Yes! We have partnered with Shippo. Once you connect your free Shippo account with Shop Handmade Hawaii, you’ll be able to purchase and print your shipping labels right on your dashboard!

Never. The only fees that are incurred when selling on Shop Handmade Hawaii, is your low-cost monthly plan and a flat fee of 3% for the sale of your product(s). Shipping charges are passed on directly to you without any reductions or fees.

You determine how you would like to handle returns on your orders. In most cases, itʻs standard for the buyer to pay for the return shipping, unless the return is the result of a sellerʻs error. However, you decide what your policies are.

Unfortunately, this is still a feature that we are developing. Currently, each product will be limited to one of the shipping methods that you configure: flat rate, free shipping, table rates or live rates.

If you don’t want to offer international shipping, then you would “Edit” your shipping table, and select “United States (US)” from the countries option.

If you only offer domestic shipping, any international customers(customers outside of the USA)  who attempt to make a purchase from your store will not be able to proceed with an order.

If you want to provide a shipping quote per order, you should clearly indicate this within your product description and store policies.

Setup a “free shipping” method so customers can complete their purchase, then you will need to work with them directly on collecting your shipping charges. Shipping fees that are collected after a sale can be collected with setting up a product in your store specific for customers to submit their payments – or worked out off-site with a direct payment to your Paypal account of via invoice by Stripe or another payment processor/method.

If you have configured a shipping method but would like to offer the option of free shipping – you can use COUPONS! Coupons can be restricted to specific customers if you choose to.

Offering free shipping to customers when a minimum amount is spent is a popular option. For now, we can accommodate these needs with the use of COUPONS! When setting up your coupon, you can set a minimum order amount to spend before the coupon will be valid. You can list your coupon offer in your store settings (shop bio or store notice), on your product description or share via email or social media.

If you would like to offer free local pickup or delivery you need to configure this option and use the “Table Rate” shipping method.

You can limit local pickup or delivery options to zip codes so that you can control your service area.

Alternatively you can also setup delivery with a fee option by creating another table rate.

At this time, local pickup and delivery options are only compatible with Table Rate Shipping.

Shippo works as a authorized partner for a variety of shipping couriers. By purchasing your shipping labels through Shippo, they are able to offer discounted shipping rates to you.

A shipping method needs to be set up so that you may purchase your shipping labels. Shop Handmade Hawaii provides an integration option so that you can purchase and print your labels from this website, but is not involved with the actual transaction. All shipping label purchases are processed directly by Shippo.

Not at all. We just include it as an added benefit to help you to build your brand.

Yes, if you want to change the focus of your products you can update your store SEO. Just keep in mind that search engines need to “crawl” the site to recognize the changes and it does take a while to reflect on search results.

The monthly fee covers the administrative costs to maintain and operate this website. There are many “behind the scenes” needs that keep the website running smoothly. Instead of charging ongoing and renewing listing fees and excessive transaction fees, a low monthly fee seemed to be the best fit for our marketplace.

At this time, all seller and products are on a level playing field. There is no fee or option to pay for premium placement or on-site advertisements.

We encourage you to share your store links and products on your social media profiles to bring in additional traffic for a successful store.

Listing fees are considered to be inclusive of your monthly plan. You donʻt pay any additional fees for your listing – based on your plan, you are just limited to the amount of active listings you can utilize.

No, once you list an item, the fee would be the same no matter how much times you sell it. Just 3% on the subtotal of your order.

No. Regardless of how much variations or add-ons are included in the sale of a item, you still will only pay 3% on the subtotal of your order.

The only fee that is incurred to you by Shop Handmade Hawaii during a sale is a flat 3% transaction fee on the subtotal of an order. This fee is ONLY applied to the subtotal of the order and is not calculated on shipping costs.

Keep in mind that fees are not the same as your seller plans. Seller plans are a monthly subscription to host your products and store on Shop Handmade Hawaii. They are paid at a flat rate of $3-$10 and are due regardless of the amount of sales you generate.

In most cases – no. However, if a customer left a poor rating, but an issue was resolved, they can contact us for a request to revise their feedback. These revision requests are done on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed.

If you feel that a customer left a false rating, please contact us and explain the situation. We may be able to make an adjustment. These requests are done on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed.

We invite your customers to leave feedback to rate their experience, some will, while other won’t. If your customers are not leaving feedback, you can always reach out to them to follow up and make a request as well.

If you have numerous issues with the same customer, you may decide to reject future orders to avoid reoccurrence.

To do this, once an order is received, it is suggested that you contact the buyer with your decision prior to cancelling the order.

As a seller you are held to the terms you accepted upon registration. If buyers report multiple issues with a seller, we may review the seller account to ensure that our terms are being adhered to. If a seller is in violation of our terms, they will be warned and advised to make adjustments accordingly. Continued violations may result in temporary or permanent restrictions.

We try to review all provided details in a dispute thoughtfully and ethically. But when we are consulted for a final determination decision, our decisions are final. The dispute is considered “resolved” and there is no option for an appeal.

None at all. While we prefer that you use the platform, you are free to conduct your business as you see fit. As long as the products you are advertising on Shop Handmade Hawaii abide by our terms, your means closing a sale and order management is your call.

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