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Off-Site Sales

Off-Site sales? Fee avoidance? Penalties? No problems here! You sell, we cheer.

Store Success Tips

Besides getting your products set up on your store, the next best thing you can do for yourself is get your storefront in order.

When getting started, here are few things we suggest:

  • Set your store banner and profile image: brand your storefront with your product images or an eye-catching banner along with your logo or profile picture.
  • Set your policies: when customers review stores with clear policies they feel confident in making a purchase. A shop that does not address the “fine print” will leave customers in the dark and theyʻll likely opt to purchase from another seller.
  • Write an engaging bio: Your bio should be interesting to your customers.
  • Use store notices: if you have important information that applies to your entire store, put up your notice ASAP to keep your customers informed.
  • Use vacation mode: if you go on vacation, itʻs best to set your shop on vacation mode. This will block new orders from being placed so your customers are not waiting for their shipments while you are away.
  • Utilize buyer support: using the buyer option is not required but highly recommended. Buyer Support is enabled by default, but you do have the option to disable the feature. Buyer Support allows you to keep your inquiries managed from your Seller Dashboard. In addition, in case of a dispute, Shop Handmade Hawaii will refer to your buyer/seller communications from your buyer support history.
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